Performance Marketing That Goes Above & Beyond

ALTA’s strategic approach and relationships generate sustainable success for direct-to-consumer brands and retailers

A Strategic Approach to Affiliate Marketing Success

If your brand doesn’t have an effective affiliate marketing program, you’re leaving money on the table—and giving your competition an unearned advantage in the marketplace.

ALTA is the growth partner you need to truly realize your affiliate marketing program’s potential. Our unique combination of experience, relationships with authoritative media, and responsiveness makes ALTA an ideal fit for brands that are ready to drive incremental sales and new customer growth.

By partnering with ALTA, you can leverage a strategic approach to performance marketing that aligns with your business goals and delivers results while keeping acquisition costs low.

ALTA’s Origin Story

ALTA Media Partners was founded in 2020 by Ben Trevizo after more than a decade of experience scaling affiliate programs for both category-leading and disruptor brands.

ALTA’s mission is simple but powerful – to drive profitable growth for direct-to-consumer brands through partnerships.

Ben and his team offer brands strategic partnerships for top-tier placements and innovative tactics to keep acquisition costs low and maximize ROI.

Ben Trevizo

Meet the ALTA Team

Sofia Longo | Partnerships Manager

Kasey Lee | Sr. Account Manager

Bonnie D’Amico | Director of Affiliate Marketing

Rutha Shah | Marketing Coordinator

“Many brands hire in-house affiliate marketers or agencies that don’t have the processes or network of industry relationships to make performance marketing work as expected. ALTA specializes in full-funnel affiliate marketing that maximizes DTC and eCommerce brands’ potential.”

– Ben Trevizo, ALTA Founder & President

What is Working with ALTA Like?

ALTA functions as an extension of your in-house team, collaborating and adapting to deliver the customers and results you expect from affiliate marketing.

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